Did you know that there are nearly 15,000 homeowners association’s in North Carolina? Homeowner’s association law is ever changing and having a well versed attorney is important.

There is no governmentally administered program to assist homeowners and associations in resolving small disagreements without funding disputes through litigation. In response, the North Carolina chapter of the Community Associations Institute (NC-CAI) has created CAMP – The Community Association Mediation Program. The program provides a faster and less expensive alternative to litigating the myriad of disputes that may arise between homeowners and their associations or neighbors.

The process is initiated by completing an online form and attorneys are permitted to assist. The mediator is not a decision-maker or judge, but helps the parties reach their own decision to resolve the dispute. The mediation conference is confidential and the cost for a two hour mediation is $500 (which fee is split between the participants). If you have a dispute involving a homeowners or condo association and are seeking an evaluation of the issues for potential litigation, resolution and/or mediation, call us. Our experienced attorneys can assist you to determine your rights, focus your efforts and find an efficient path to resolution.