Sports Law

Now more than ever, athletes need exceptional legal representation to negotiate the deals and opportunities that have come from a lifetime of training and hard work. Shipman & Wright focuses its representation of sports athletes on counseling our clients on the most critical issues relevant to their specific sports and their legal rights. We also focus on the many endorsement opportunities, creating their brand, imaging deals, and other options.

Sports law is composed of various legal fields, including intellectual property, contract law, privacy law, licensing, and business law. For over 40 years, Shipman & Wright has been counseling our clients on every part of the legal field.

Clients in the sports industry face numerous legal challenges that can affect their brand, image, licensing, and endorsements. But they are also providing legal services on crossover legal issues for athletes and sports figures, expanding their brand into business opportunities, ventures, investment opportunities, influencer opportunities, fashion, merchandising, and numerous other crossover fields.

Our firm deals with contract negotiations, entity formation, compliance with laws and regulations, licensing, copyright/trademark matters, consulting, strategic advice, or production issues,

Shipman & Wright provides our sports law clients excellent legal representation to keep them one step ahead of the competition.


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