Purple paint. Peeling siding. Junk. Trash. Unkempt lawns. When a house on your block commits the sin of bad curb appeal, sometimes it’s just an eyesore. Other times, it can be hazardous, impacting your quality of life. A yard piled with junk or littered with trash might attract rats, for example. Worst of all, if you’re trying to refinance your mortgage or sell your home, your neighbor’s ugly property can cost you time and money.

If your own property is pristine, its appraisal value still will suffer if even one other home on your block looks bad. Your house probably will sit on the market longer and sell for less. If you have to act, you have plenty of options, from playing nice to going to court. Here are 8 ways to restore visual harmony — and your home’s value. For more information, read here. If we can help, call us.