Recently the Star-News wrote an article about a case in which we represented a young woman against a Wilmington, NC oral surgeon after he sexually assaulted her while she was under anesthesia. Unfortunately, this kind of sex abuse case involving sexual assaults such as this happen too often. It is extremely disappointing that professionals to whom we put our lives in their hands take advantage of us when we are most vulnerable. 

Shipman & Wright’s client is one of many women who came forward about Dr. Hassan. However, after seeing and hearing the public’s reaction to these brave women, our client was adamant that while she wanted to hold Hassan responsible for what he had done, she wished to remain anonymous. Filing a Complaint about a “Jane Doe” client is rare in the legal system and is typically reserved for sex-abuse cases such as this, where the court has reasoned that protecting a victim of sexual assault outweighs the freedom of the press. 

We as a firm, along with our client, are happy that the court ruled in favor of sending a message to all professionals out there, that if you violate your patient’s rights and illegally physically assault them, you will be held responsible in the civil courts of this state. While Hasson has been brought to justice in the civil court system, we anxiously await results as the criminal charges against him move forward. For over 40 years, Shipman & Wright has fought for our clients’ rights in sex abuse cases such as this in Wilmington and around southeastern North Carolina. If our firm can help you or a loved one, please reach out to us.