By Attorney Jillian C.S. Blanchard

COVID-19 has continued to create new complications for individuals and businesses, and the construction industry is no exception. Amidst the numerous new considerations and protocols necessarily involved in the current day-to-day operations of a construction business, it is imperative that general contractors do not lose sight of the mandatory annual continuing education requirement that went into effect January 1, 2020.

As of January 1, 2020, all general contractors holding a building, residential or unclassified contractor license classification are required to have one of their qualifiers complete eight hours of continuing education on an annual basis in order to renew their license. The continuing education requirement for each new year begins on January 1st and must be completed by November 30th. However, the qualifier has a 90-day grace period past November 30th to complete their full eight hours. The failure of a qualifier to complete continuing education requirements before the expiration of the 90-day grace period will result in the invalidation of the contractor entity’s license until continuing education and other licensing requirements have been met.

Thus far in 2020, the implementation of mandatory stay at home orders and limitations on group gatherings have necessarily impeded the ability of general contractors to complete their continuing education requirement. It is already August, and there is a good chance that many general contractors still need to complete most, if not all, of their mandatory eight hours in order to renew their license. Luckily, the Licensing Board realizes this.

Initially, these continuing education courses were intended to majorly be completed through the attendance of live lectures. However, in light of COVID-19, the Licensing Board has opened registration for “live” virtual continuing education classes, enabling general contractors to complete all eight hours of required continuing education from the comfort of their own home or office. The Licensing Board’s “live” virtual continuing education classes are being offered each week through November, in efforts to provide general contractors with the flexibility to complete their continuing education requirement by the deadline.

Be sure to remind your contractor clients that these continuing educations requirements remain in force, and make sure they understand that they now have the option of completing these mandatory courses virtually. Registration is now open for all classes! A list of available courses that are open for registration can be accessed via the following link.