The term “construction defect” may vary from state to state by statute or common law. Generally speaking, the term “construction defect” is broader than just the failure to construct a building in a workmanlike manner. A construction defect is generally defined as a defect in: (1) the design; (2) the workmanship; and/or (3) in the materials or systems used on a project that results in a failure of a component part of a building or structure and causes damage to person or property, usually resulting in financial harm to the owner.

At Shipman & Wright, we frequently handle cases involving any or some combination of all three of the defects listed above. Most frequently, our cases involve failures of or leaks into the building envelope causing moisture instruction or water damage to our clients’ residences, condominiums, townhomes or business building as a result of either defective window, door, roof, or exterior cladding products, or improper installation of the products or some combination of the two. However, over the decades of practice in the construction defect arena, we at Shipman & Wright have also handled cases including but not limited to: (1) Site Defects; (2) Structural Defects; (3) Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Defects; (4) Electrical and Plumbing Defects; (5) Fire/Life Safety System Defects; and (6) Elevator Defects.

The old saying goes, “your home is your castle.” If you are experiencing costly damages related to a construction defect, few things can be more stressful and emotionally draining than confronting an injury to your castle. We at Shipman & Wright have the knowledge and experience to deal with the responsible builders, manufacturers, and/or designers, and most importantly their insurers and attorneys to resolve and/or try your case. If you have a construction defect, may God bless you, and please give our office a call to help you on the road to addressing and solving your problem.