By: Bridget Campbell

If you are at your wit’s end with your husband or wife due to being stuck in the house together because of COVID-19, you are not alone. In fact, some surveys around the country are showing a rise in divorces during the pandemic. 

If you do not have any place to go to initiate the separation, ask a friend or a family member if you can stay with them temporarily, at least until you hire an attorney. Your attorney could file a motion for an interim distribution with the court, which may entitle you to a sum of money depending on the assets within your marital estate. 

During your separation, your attorney can advise you of your rights as it pertains to real and personal property, assets, and retirement accounts, and in most cases, custody of your children. 

With a lot of courthouses currently closed due to the global pandemic, some people may think that they are unable to obtain a divorce right now. Fear not. You can still file a Complaint and other pleadings pertaining to a divorce with the clerk of court. When it comes time for your hearing, you and your attorney will log in to a software program called WebEx, where the Judge can hear your motions remotely. You can have the hearing from your living room with your attorney present from their office!

Living through a pandemic is tough enough. If you have questions regarding a divorce, let us help you through the process and give us a call at 910-762-1990.