The Managing Partner of Shipman & Wright, Gary Shipman, who represents the trustees of Cape Fear Community College (CFCC), has recently denied the validity of allegations made by former employees against college president Jim Funderburk. These allegations include claims of nepotism, misuse of college funds, and creating an abusive work environment.

In an interview with WECT (read here), Shipman asserted that the allegations had been investigated and found unsubstantiated. He added that CFCC is committed to transparency and accountability and has taken appropriate measures to address any concerns raised. In addition, the college has responded to these allegations and has looked into any reported issues.

The allegations against Funderburk, if true, would be severe and could impact the credibility and reputation of CFCC. So, these allegations must be taken seriously and looked into thoroughly. However, Shipman’s statement indicates that the claims were not found to be credible and that the college has taken the necessary steps to address any concerns.

Notably, former employees, not current ones, made allegations against Funderburk. This may raise questions about the motives behind the claims and whether they were made out of genuine concern or were motivated by other factors.

Overall, it is difficult to assess the credibility of the allegations without more information. However, such allegations must be investigated thoroughly, and appropriate action must be taken if necessary. Shipman’s statement suggests that CFCC has taken the proper steps to address any concerns raised and is committed to transparency and accountability. As such, it is crucial to monitor the situation to ensure that the college prioritizes these values.

Gary Shipman in WECT