Shipman & Wright associate attorney Kevin L. Littlejohn, II has been appointed to the Board of Commissioners for the Wilmington Housing Authority (WHA) by Wilmington Mayor, Bill Saffo. This is a significant appointment that recognizes Attorney Littlejohn’s legal expertise, dedication to public service, and commitment to improving the lives of residents in New Hanover County.

Bill Saffo and Kevin Littlejohn

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and Kevin Littlejohn

The WHA’s mission is to provide quality, affordable housing in safe, attractive communities for the families they serve to improve the quality of life for all residents in the county. As a member of the Board of Commissioners, Attorney Littlejohn will have the opportunity to contribute to the WHA’s efforts in fulfilling this mission by providing strategic leadership and direction.


The WHA’s Board of Commissioners comprises nine members, all appointed by the Mayor of the City of Wilmington. Each commissioner serves a term of five years, or until a successor has been appointed and has qualified. As a commissioner, Attorney Littlejohn will review and approve policies, budgets, and programs that affect the WHA’s operations and the families it serves.

Attorney Littlejohn’s appointment to the WHA Board of Commissioners is a testament to his legal skills, leadership abilities, and commitment to public service. He brings a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise to the position, having practiced law in Wilmington for several years. Additionally, his passion for community service and advocacy work makes him a valuable asset to the WHA.


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